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Why choose handmade clothing and lingerie?


Whether you sew your own or purchase made to order, handmade creations offer the ability to select comfortable and luxurious materials, attain a personal fit, and satisfy your taste in a way that buying mass produced garments just can’t. Made to order lingerie from Blue Hours Atelier can be made to your precise measurements, and many customizations are available to suit your preferences. If you are seeking a very specific design, bespoke creations to match your unique vision are available as well.

Garments and patterns made by Blue Hours Atelier are made with the aim of helping their wearers to feel great in their own skin, but there are many social reasons to feel good about handmade clothing as well. Buying from a small scale maker or crafting your own means that you can ensure that your garment is made without the exploitative working conditions and unethical wage practices so common in the fashion industry. The high environmental cost of mass produced fast fashion can be avoided by creating or buying high quality garments meant to last, sourcing textiles containing organically grown fibers, and manufactured in environmentally conscious ways. Supporting small garment making businesses and craft suppliers contributes to the local economy and allows a whole network of related suppliers, photographers, printers, and graphic designers to flourish as well. So whether you enjoy handmade clothing or make your own, thank you so much for your support of small businesses and all the ways it can create positive change in the world.