A bespoke garment is a piece that is created to your own measurements and to your precise specifications. Whether you’re seeking practical adjustments for fit and comfort or looking for something exquisite for a special occasion, I will work with you to create just what you’re looking for. Choose your design style, your colors and materials, and your hardware and finishing trims for exactly the piece that you desire.


The process of creating a bespoke garment involves specifying your design, using example images, fabric swatches and creating a detailed fashion illustration to establish exactly the aesthetic that you are looking for. I source delicate laces and lingerie materials from all over the world, and have experience dyeing and designing fabrics to attain colors and styles that can’t be found anywhere else and am happy to use this experience to make something truly unique.

After we’ve discussed the specifics of your design, I will create a detailed set of illustrations of the garment and descriptions of trims with a price and a time estimate for confirmation.


Drafting the pattern for your design begins with your measurements and your fit preferences. If fit has been a particularly difficult issue for you in the past, arrangements can be made to create a fit prototype in materials of similar weight and stretch properties to your final fabrics to confirm the design is satisfactory. Then the final garment will be cut, assembled, and finished with care.


The cost of bespoke garments varies based on the materials used and the complexity of design. The final price will be determined before the garment is begun. Due to the custom sizing and intimate nature of bespoke garments, returns are only accepted in cases of a flaw in the garment, though I offer fit adjustment alterations for free for up to six weeks after the garment has been delivered.


I don’t currently accept commissions for historically accurate reproductions. I absolutely love historical fashion and antique garments do inspire some of my favorite pieces, but in order to accurately reproduce period pieces, there is a great deal of research into methods and materials required. Many historically accurate fabrics and trims are difficult to source, and period authentic methods and finishes are often a very time consuming, scholarly undertaking best suited to those who specialize in it.

I also don’t copy others’ designs. While example images of designs that you love can be very helpful in understanding the aesthetic you’re seeking in a bespoke piece, I don’t reproduce others’ work. (Often it seems as if commissioning a knock off would be a cheaper alternative to purchasing certain designer pieces, but with the time, expense, and care required to source specialty fabrics and reproduce finishing methods, this is unlikely.) It’s best to buy original designs from the artisans who created them, or to analyze precisely what it is that moves you about the original piece in order to incorporate those elements in your own way into your own dream design.



To begin the process, you can email me at or use the contact form below. I’d love to hear the specifics of the project that you have in mind.



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